International Criminal Court Theme a basic configuration


AbstractThere is no doubt that the establishment of permanent international criminal court with general jurisdiction covers the human society on Earth, is a basic step and important in the way of international interest in securing human life and implement the mechanisms for the prevention and control of crimes, the most dangerous in the year, especially those of international concern. If this goal will be the investigation of the Integrated him, depends on the wide acceptance of the Statute of the Court (Rome) and a sincere desire to implement the commitments and goodwill, cooperation and effective fully with the Tribunal and to overcome obstacles to its work on national and regional levels and to meet the requests for cooperation with the various shapes and immediate implementation with its provisions, and conduct the required access to the adjustment of the laws. National accordance with the principle of complementarity with international criminal law and international humanitarian law and other international laws, taking into account that the establishment of this court was complementary to national jurisdictions and not inconsistent with it.Has entered the Statute (Rome) of the Court since 2002, meaning it is still at the beginning of confrontation (the court) process, and the next we did not remember a lot of working methods and procedures of the Court will lead to the development of concepts and keep it away after years in practice, the actual process, which may call for some together with amendments and additions, including supported applications adapt to the realities of events and developments in the variables on a global scale.