Design & Simulation of PLC Control and Electro-Hydraulic System for a Punching Machine


Automatic control has become an important and integral part of modernmanufacturing and industrial processes .Automatic control provide means for attainingoptimal performance of dynamic systems, improve the quality and lower the cost ofproduction, expand the production rate, relive the drudgery of many routine, repetitivemanual operations, etc.. In this paper it has been designed a control system whichcontrolled the operation of punch machine .As shown in Fig. (1) this system consists of:(1) the programmable logic controller (PLC) which is used to control time and regulatethe sequence. (2) The Hydraulic system receives and implements the logical commandsof PLC. (3) Electrical interfacing circuits which are very important to compromise in thestages of system. In order to avoid mistakes of direct design and implementation in theindustrial and production processes and what follows from high material cost, thereforeAutomation Studio Software has been used to design the hydraulic system according tothe required giving's by using Simulation software before the machine is fabricated, alsoit is distinguished in the simplicity of using ,have a very good specification in design andthe ability of exposing the parts of the system in one screen and show the connectionbetween them ,this led to have expected programmable results.