Buckling Analysis of Composite Laminated Plate with Cutouts


The determination of critical buckling load of composite plate is animportant factor in determining the structural stability, which was done by ANSYSprogram and experimental investigation was carried out on many specimens ofcomposite material of E-glass fiber reinforced polyester plastic materials withdifferent no. of layers. Five cases are studied to show the effect of cutout’sparameter on the structural stability in which the shape ( circle, square, rectangle),size (20, 30, 50 ) mm, rounding corner (5, 7.5, 10)mm and orientation of cutouts(0°,30°,45°,60°) are presented . Also the effect of plate thickness (no. of layer) isstudied .In general , the results of the square clamped laminated plates with circlecutout come out in a good agreement. Which is decrease of buckling load of theplates with change the shape from circle, square and rectangle and in case of cutoutsize. The critical load is still constant with the radii rounding corner and increasedwith increasing the cutout orientation and the thickness of the plate. The effect ofcutout will determine the increase or decrease of the buckling