Inducing the Health Promotion Model for Nursing Practice: Qualitative Study


AbstractObjective: To generate a model that conceptualizes the phenomenon of health promotion and its related factors.Methodology: A grounded theory methodology is used as qualitative method to explore the health promotion as phenomenon of interest and its other related factors from the perspectives of specialists in this field. The study is carried out from January 2002 through September 2004. A sample of (20) specialists in health sciences are selected and interviewed as experts in the area of health promotion. The investigators conducted intensive and structured interviews with the specialists to collect the data. These interviews were transcribed verbatim, analyzed and interpreted. Results: Findings of the study indicated that health promotion is affected by multiple factors including human ones (i.e., health balance, attitudes, health potentials, environmental or ecological factors, social and cultural factors). From the model, numerous nursing interventions can be drawn for assessment, implementation and evaluation that may assist to maintain and improve health, as well as achieve optimum level of health.Recommendations: The study recommends that further research can be conducted to examine this model for its compatibility and applicability for nursing practice in the area of health promotion. Key Words: health promotion model, nursing practice, qualitative study