Estimation of alkaline phosphatase from salivaof diabetic patients and partial purification of it's isoenzymes


This study was performed on 181 saliva specimens of diabetic patients ( 59 of type 1 & 122 of type 2 ), in addition 149 healthy saliva specimens were investigated as control group. The result of this study showed a significant increase (p=0.000) in activity of salivary alkaline phosphatase from diabetic patients (both types ) compared to healthy subjects. Three isoenzymes were isolated from saiva of diabetic patients by addition of ammonium sulphate ,dialysis and ion-exchange (DEAE-Cellulose A-50) ,Isoenzyme I was partially purified by gel –filteration using Sephadex G-100 and showed a single band through electrophoresis by using SDS-PAGE and Coomassie blue R250 dye.