Load Line Direction and Bearing Length Effects on The Tilting 4-Pad Bearing Performance


This paper presents the tilting 4-pad bearing performance under dynamicload, the journal center velocity is calculated by mobility method. Finite element methodwas used to solve the Reynolds equation in two dimensions from this solution thepressure distribution can be obtained over pad surface. Study of the relationship of theload line angle (b) with the pressure distribution changing due to the angular positiontaking four angles 0o, 5 o,40 o and 80 o. Also the effects of many parameters were studiedsuch as length-diameter ratios, oil flow rates and finally dynamic coefficients (stiffnessand damping coefficients) of journal bearing. The results of this paper shows that theload line angle (b) when equal 40o and length-diameter ratio (L/D=0.5), gives the beastbearing performance.