Chosing the best criterion for high yield selection in melon


A field experiment was conducted in three seasons at the farm of Hort. Dept. Agric. Coll. University of Baghdad during 2005-2006 to chose the best criterion for high yield selection in three melon cultivars (ALqushi, Canaria and Shatwi) by using of honeycomb selection method. Five criteria For high yield selection were used individually (number of main branches per plant, number of nods on the main stem before first female flower, number of days from planting to first female flower plant sex ratio, and leaf area).The results showed an active and different effect for honeycomb selection for high yield according to the criterion was used .The rates of yield increasing was 32.8%, 8.9%, 9,1%, 23% and 14.7% frequently . Heritability in narrow sense rates was 77%, 65.6%, 66.7%, 72.1% and 69.2% frequently. That's indicate the number of main branches per plant is the best criterion because it was exited highest increase in yield and it had a highest heritability.