Preventive protection for consumers from deceptive commercials


Abstract This search deals with preventive protection of the consumer , commercials deceptive, as is well known that the commercials have an important place in the marketing of products, since they play a prominent role in raising the demand inherent in individuals and paid into the world feeling and turn it into effective demand, and it's in the model sincere play a major role in informing consumers and enlighten their will when their choice of goods and services offered in the market, but at the same time be fertile ground for producers and distributors to follow the methods of exaggeration, the temptation to highlight advantages of goods and services and their charms up often to the point of lying and deception, which would to deceive the consumer in choosing the particular good or service would not have chosen if you knew what is really going, and what was the very producers and distributors of advertising is to achieve profit and expansion, although a range of consumers is the target of ads, and these in the development of the lowest in terms of expertise and knowledge in the field of goods and services compared to the producer and distributor, has resulted in fact to some producers to the use of deception in ads for the purpose of misleading the consumer to pay to the contract, and thus appeared that advertising deception damages caused to consumers and prevent their access to information needed to make an informed decision to contract the will.Since the judicial protection, whether civil or criminal aim to protect the victim of advertising, and wait for the injury of advertising deceptive is a negative attitude to be avoided, and can be achieved if we are able to provide proactive protection to consumers of commercial advertising deceptive, through consumer awareness and education, and also bind the product or distributor (seller) to give all the necessary information needed to enlighten the will of the consumer before the contract, and most importantly of all, put real control and effective commercials by creating a validation commercials before approval and allow the publishing, broadcasting, or displayed, so as to prevent the injury and not wait until the damage of advertising deceptive, and this is what we tried to access it through this study, so we divided your search three sections, we have dedicated the first part, to identify what the commercials deceptive and we talked through which images of commercials deceptive and deceived advertising, either in The second topic we talked about the consumer awareness and provide the necessary information, and in the third section we dealt with legal controls on the advertising business, which we have established procedures in the control of commercials, as well as we dealt with legal controls on the advertising business at the international and domestic.