The effect of potassium Fertilization and the Direction of furrows on the growth and yield of potato Solanum tuberosum L.


This experiment was conducted on potato cultiver Solanum tuberosum L. (desiree cv.) during winter season (2000 – 2001 ) in the west of Faluja city in loamy salt clay soil with a split-plot design, to study the effect of three levls of k-fertilizer. these levels are 0.00, 300, 600 k.g. ha-1 and also the effects of two directions of rows directions paralled to sun light, (from the east to the west) on vertical directions to sun lights . Results indicated that number of tubers / plant, weight of dry matter and percentage of N in leaves where increased significantly upon the use of K.fertilizer applied vertical directions of rows. Plant hight and total yield were also increased significantly upon the use of K. fertilizer.