Electrical Investigation of PSi/Si (n-type) structure


In this work, porous Silicon structures are formed with photochemical etching process of n-type Silicon(111) wafers of resistivity (0.02.cm) in hydrofluoric acid (HF) of concentration (39%wt) under light source of tungeston halogen lamp of (100 Watt) power. Samples were anodized in a solution of 39%HF and ethanol at 1:1 for 15 minutes. The samples were realized on n-type Si substrates Porous Silicon layers of 100m thickness and 30% of porousity. Frequency dependence of conductivity for Al/PSi/Si/Al sandwich form was studied. A frequency range of 102-106Hz was used allowing an accurate determination of the impedance components. Their electronic transport parameters were determined using complex impedance measurements. These measurements provide a powerful tool for interpretation of basic properties such as the dielectric constant, polarizibility and frequency dependence in the crystallites and trapping mechanisms. The electrical conductivity is mainly controlled by hoping transport on localized states in the chaotic porous structure.