Design and Implementation of Image Based Web authentication System Using both Déjà Vu and SSL protocol


The (username/password) is a very common and widely authentication method still used up to now, but because of the huge advance in the uses of computer in many applications as data transfer, sharing data, login to emails or internet, drawbacks of normal password appear, like stolen the password, forgetting the password, week password, etc . In order to provide secure and user friendly authentication, the security experts are strongly recommending the new Graphical passwords, which consist of clicking or dragging activities on the pictures rather than typing textual characters which overcomes most of the problems that arise from the text-based passwords system. This paper presents the design of an online image based authentication system using Déjà vu , which authenticates a user through the ability to recognize previously seen images. D´ej`a Vu is more reliable and easier to use than traditional graphical based schemes, it has the advantage that it prevents users from choosing weak passwords and makes it difficult to write down or share passwords with others. The system applies the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to provide the required