Development of Computer Controlled Oxy Estelline Cutting Machine


Occasionally, the state organizations and many private companies in Thi QarGovernorate request some spare parts that must be manufactured locally because they areunavailable in Iraq .Since these parts have complex shapes, and the Engineering CollegeWorkshop's machines are unable to cut them, thus it was necessary to develop the existingOxy Estelline cutting machine to control its motion by computer.The main idea of this research is to make the machine cutter movement in twodimensions according to a path drawn by (Autodesk Land Desktop) program whichnecessitates addition of an electric circuit (Interface) between the machine and the computerto convert the path into two dimensional motions .This requires replacement of someunnecessary parts from the machine by others. The major added parts are:1. Servo Motors.2. Controller.3. Drive.4. Power Supply.5. Power Cables.6. Data Cables.7. Lead Screws.8. Brackets.9. Bases to fix the motors andbrackets.After welding processes of the bases and mounting the motors, brackets, and electriccircuits, the machine was tested by fixing a pen instead of the cutter and drawing many graphssuch as circle, rose, gear, and gasket on a paper .The drawings are completed successfully andaccurately, then the machine was used to cut rose and gasket by the flame .Satisfactory resultsare obtained .Now, the user can use the machine easily to cut any complex shape.