The Response Of The Nuclear Track Detectors To Some Of Etching and external Parameters


The aim of this paper to find the effect of some etching parameters, like(the time and angle of irradiation of etching, time of radiation, angle of radiation incident , temperature and concentration of etching solution, type of detector, type of etching solution and the energy of incident particle ) on registers properties of nuclear track detectors , diameter and number of tracks, the bulk etching velocity VB , track Diameter growth velocity VD , track etching velocity VT , etching ratio V , efficiency η , sensitivity S , and the critical angle θC .We find the diameters of alpha particles tracks emitted from 226Ra source with energy 5.48Mev increase with increasing the etching time ,the temperature of etching solution while it is decrease with increasing on incident radation and the energy of incident particle ,there was no effect of radiant time on tracks of alpha particles. Beside, it is noted that the larger tracks were found in CN-85 , LR115 , PM-355,CR-39 detectors respectively keeping the other variables to be stable.The effect the KOH is more than NaOH solution, no effect in etching time irradiation angle, the energy of incident particle, and radiant time on bulk Etching Velocity VB whose values varying when temperature , concentration and type of detectors were changed . regarding numbers of tracks its increases with increasing the temperature, concentration of etching solution to a particular point and then it gets reversed , that is the numbers of tracks stars decreasing. The numbers of tracks increase with increasing the etching time, irradiation time and energy of incident particles. Finally we find the numbers of tracks decrease with increasing the radiation angle..