The effects of anti-diabetic agents on white blood cells


A 105 diabetic patients included in this study . the patients groups according to their type of therapy into four groups the first group include 25 patiennts on insulin therapy ,the second group include 29 patients on sulfonylurea (oral hypoglycemic agent- glibenclamide-5mg). The third group include 24 patients on sulfonylurea & insulin & the fourth group include 27 patients on sulfonylurea & metformin (Biguanides) . Blood sample was taken to estimate both hemoglobulin concentration & white blood cell count .The hemoglobulin results in the first group only 10 patients with normal result , 13 patients with mild anemic results & two patients with moderate results .In the second group only 12 patients with normal result &17 patients with mild anemic results. In the third group only 11 patients with normal result , 12 patients with mild anemic results & one patient with moderate results .In the fourth group only 8 patients with normal result , 16 patients with mild anemic results & three patients with moderate results . The white blood cell count obtain in this study among the four groups was in the first group one out of 25(4%) patients give result below normal . In the second group seven out of 29(24.1%) give results below normal . In the third group four out of 24(16.7%)patients give result below normal . In the fourth group five out of 27.( 18.5%) patients give results below normal . No significant differences see regarding age, sex , duration of disease , duration of therapy , types of therapy & if take sulfonylurea alone or in combination . Although a high percentage of leukopnia in those on sufonylurea .