Inventory of Gaseous Emission from Electrical Generators and Vehicles in Mosul City


The study include field survey about some emission resources of gaseous pollutants in Mosul city, Iraq. These resources were represented by private commercial gas oil electric generators, vehicles and some domestic service machines as dumpers, for given a simplified scope about some air pollution resources. This survey is playing an important role in planning for atmospheric pollution control, as well futurity planning for civil development of enlarged cities. The emitted pollutants of electrical generators to the city atmosphere (NOx, SOx, CO)gases, hydrocarbons (HC) and partical matter (PM) were monthly estimated, also (COx and H2S) gases of old (less than 1990 models) and new automobiles were measured. The study was reveals that yearly amount of gaseous pollutants emitted from commercial electric generators more than 5000 ton ,and the concentration of those pollutants were significantly more emitted from old vehicles than new models. In general, these pollutants were caused photochemical reactions in the atmosphere , and produce secondary pollutants .