Petrochemical Study of Basaltic Rocks In ABO-ZOUHOR - JARJANAZ Region (North-Western Syria )


The present research studies the petrographical and chemical composition diversity of basaltic rocks in ABO-ZOUHOR - JARJANAZ region. The polarizing microscope, spectrofluorometry technique accompanied to X-ray diffraction were applied. Our data reveal the distribution of two petrographic kinds of basaltic rocks such as alkaline (olivine and augetic - olivine) basalt – Phenocryst persantage > 5% (for ol. and px.). The rocks show a strict similarity in their chemical composition despite of the local and petrographic variety. These rocks belong to the sodium -potassic kind of alkaline basaltic rocks with magnesium percentage varies from 10 to 45 % with Fe-Mg lava development.