Theoretical Analyses of the Dynamic Behaviour of Composite Cantilever Beam Manufactured From E-glass Polyester


In order to have the right combination of manufactured E-glass polyestercomposite properties and in service performance, the dynamic behaviour is one of the important properties to evaluate. The dynamic behaviour of E-glass Polyester composite was considered in this study where three laminate types was modelled [0o, ± 45o, 0o/90o ], also the influences of fibre orientations as well as the stacking sequences of the laminate layers on the natural frequencies and resonance under harmonic conditions were investigated. Commercial Finite Element ANSYS® Release 10.0 package analyses were used to simulate the Modaland Harmonic behaviours of composite cantilever beams in the frequency range of 0 to 1000 Hz. The first six modes in this frequency range were extracted and compared in the three laminates. A harmonic simulation was investigated to study its structure response to resonance. The results proved thatthe [+45]s laminate had higher torsional modal frequencies due to its higher shear modulus and is more stable under loading than [0/90] laminate due to the arrangement of the layers.