Lineaments Analysis and Mapping From Satellite Images For Southern Iraq


Synergistic display of data recorded by different remote sensing has provedextremely valuable for the extraction of geological features such as lineaments .Accordingly , two satellite images were used for lineaments analyses which areconsidered as indicators for rock fractures . Image resolution merge anddirectional filtering methods were applied for lineaments extraction using GIStechniques .Rose diagram and lineaments density analysis were used for the tracedlineaments . The output of these techniques are used to trace new lineaments as aregional lineaments map . a synergistic display of these regional lineaments withgeophysical images allows the major lithological and structural boundaries to bemapped . Evaluation of lineaments map and its rose diagram analyses shows thatthe dominant lineament trend is mainly NW-SE and NE-SW. It is concluded thatthese lineaments indicate the fault zones within the area. Besides, a considerableconformity has been noticed between the location and dimension of suchlineaments with subsurface anomalies appeared in geophysical images