Effect Of Different Levels Of Organic And Nitrogen Fertilizers On Fruit Yield Apple (Malus Domestica ) Cv.Anna.


This studuy was carried out during the growing season of 2006 – 2007 and 2007 – 2008 on apple cv Anna in vineyard at Radwania region (35km – western Baghdad). This tree planting asquare methods. This study was aimed at investigating the effect of different level organic and nitrogen fertilizer (0 ,5 , 10 , 15 kg/tree)for the former and (0 , 300 ,400 ,500g urea/tree) for the later on yield resectively.ARandom complete Block Design (RCBD) was used (tree replicates for each treatment combination). The result obtaind revealed that the treatment (15 kg/tree) organic fertilizers plant was superior significantly in fruit Yield (82.29 kgree) and other quality characteristics as compared with other treatment plants, whereas the lower Yield was that of the control treatment plants (67.54 kgree) . the nitrogen fertilizer treatment plants of (500 g urea ree) and gave the higher fruit Yield (89.02 kgree) and higher quality values as compared with other treatment plants, similarly a lower fruit Yield (56.08 kgree). A significant interaction effect were recorded between the two fertilizer used regarding fruit Yield and other quality traits. 15 kgree and the 500 g urearee nitrogen fertilizer gave the highest fruit Yield(103.33 kgree), whereas control treatment gave the lowest Yield (45 kgree). It can be suggested that an organic fertilizer level of 15kg ree and nitrogen fertilizer level of 500g urearee may be used effectively for higher fruit Yield and quality characteristics apple cv Anna.