Synthesis and Characterization of Some Schiff Bases Complexes With Co(II) and Ni(II)


Complexes of Co(II) and Ni (II) with a Schiff bases , N- [5-(propyl) 2- amino-1 , 3,4- thiadiazolebenzylidene] (L1) and N- [5-(propyl) 2- amino-1,3,4- thiadiazole -4 - chlorobenzylidene] (L2) (molar ratio 1 : 2) have been prepared and characterized by their physical , spectral and analytical data .The synthesized Schiff bases act as bidentate ligands during the complexation reaction with Co(II) and Ni(II) metal ions. They have the formula [M(L)2 (H2O)2] X2 (where M = Co (II) or Ni (II) , L = L1 or L2 and X = Cl- or NO3-) and show an octahedral geometry .