Comparison between International Adopted References Value and Local References Value


Serum levels of (aspartate alanine transferase) AST, (Creatine kinase) Ck and (lactate dehydrogenase) LDH in 500 patients established myocardial infraction (300 males and 200 females) were screened in order to estimate the rates of low or high activates of these essential enzymes in our local population compared with internationally accepted reference range. The results indicate that clearly subnormal value (i.e. below –3 SD from mean international reference values) for AST, CK and LDH were encounter in 0.0, 1.4 and 12.4% of samples while the levels greater than -3 SD units above mean international reference values were found in 0.3,1.0 and 1.6 % respectively. Thus, the highly significant tendencies toward low serum AST, CK and LHD are rather disturbing and attempts should be made to confirm these finding and elucidate their exact causes.