Rota virus Association diarrhea among children less than 5 years in Mosul city


In a survey of rotavirus induced diarrhea in 150 child less than 5 years referred to Ibn-Al-Atheer pediatric Hospital in Mosul city from 5th July 2007 to 5th August 2007. The stool specimens were investigated by Latex agglutination test (slidex – Rota kit, France) for the presence of RV antigen. The incidence of RV infection among children hospitalized with acute diarrhea was studied . Rotavirus was detected in 28.7% (43/47) of children with acute diarrhea. The peak incidence of RV diarrhea was seen in children aged 25-36 months (40%), furthermore, the present study shows the impact of different demographic variables on the positivety of rotavirus among children.


diarrhea, Rotavirus