Economic Analysis of Production Costs Function of Wheat in Al-Anbar Province For 2005-2006 Planting Season


Terms of Production costs unseen analyzed for Wheat in AL-Anbar Province for the 2005-2006 agricultural Season .The Study Showed that the proportion percents of family lobar was higher than the rental labor which wane 10 and 1.4% respectively from the total costs of the entire farmers adoption on agriculture as a principle source of income because of the shortage in employment opportunity as a result of occupation conditions. This study also was indicated that the pattern of tenure in the province cans the individual property. This was among the factors which helped in increasing the production because the farmer had freedom in adoption of recent technology.Through the amah sis of production costs terms, it has been shown that the variable costs constitute the higher percentage which was 72.3% of the total costs and the manure was at the beginning which was 26% .