Heterosis in yield and yield components of hybrid Tobacco cultivated in green house


Full diallel crosses conducted to develop tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) hybrids using three cultivars; Corjo (A), Sumer48 (B) and Croillo (C), during 2004, at the field of Field Crops Dept., Coll. Of Agric. Univ. of Baghdad. Hybrid trail carried out during 2005 in the green house using Randomized Complete Block Design with 3 parents , 6 hybrids and 2 control, Habana and cv. 48. Significant differences were found among different genotypes in all the studied traits. The hybrid (BXC) and their reciprocal (CXB) were superior in all the characters, they produced higher dried leaves 4.64 t/ha and 4.76 t/ha, respectively. Positive and negative heterosis were found in developed hybrids. Genetic analysis revealed that the studied traits were under non additive gene action, that the average degree of dominance more than one and broad sense heritability was higher, So, It was recommended hybridization method in improving tobacco and using the hybrid (BXC).