Effect of spacecing and planting dates in growth and yield of Ammi Visnaga L.


Fadel Y. Baktash , Shrook M. K. Saad Al-Deen and Basheer A. AbraheemDpet. Crop Science- College of Agriculture/ University of BaghdadAbstractThis experiment was undertaken in field of Dept. Crop Science –College of agriculture –university of Baghdad in year 2007-2008 in this experiment split plot design with RCBD of three replicates was used. To study effect spaces and planting dates in some of vegetative and fruits traits Ammi Visnaga.L There were three dates used (1/11,15/11and1/12) in main plot on three densities (20,30an40 cm) in sub plot .Analysis of variance appear decrease of high plant in 40cm ,and gave 101.6cm .the first date gave highest of high plant (133.8cm).The space (40 cm ) gave dry weight (108.5 gm/plant).the first date gave highest of dry weight (143.0gm/plant). The highest number of flower/plant were (37.0 flower/plant) in (40 cm).the space (30cm) gave highest of yield plant (16.84gm/plant ). The first date gave( 24.71gm/plant).The best interaction between spaces and dates plant (fist date with 30 cm)produce. (28.84 gm/plant).we recommended to this plant in the first of November and space 30 cm in moderate region of Iraq.