Relationship between Antioxidants Glutathione and Total α-L- Fucose as Tumor Markers in Breast Cancer Patients


Glutathione (GSH), and total alpha-L- Fucose (TF) in patients with proved breast cancer have been estimated to find the possibility of using such parameters as a biomarker in the diagnosis of breast cancer patients compared to control. Sera of ( 100 ) breast cancer patients has been taken(from December 2006 to December 2007) to estimate the levels of GSH and TF. The result of the study revealed that serum GSH concentration decrease in breast cancer patients, while serum TF concentration increases in the same patients. Stage II is the most common stage with breast cancer patients where there were 71 cases of stage II.The most common of age is the ranging age from 40-49 years old. So this study recommends the use of these biomarker to early detect the disease.