Effects of Polyethylene Glycol (SprayGelTM) on Dogs Undergoing Conventional Cystotomy


The effectiveness of SprayGel was determine in this study as a barrier to reduce the frequency for the development of abdomino-pelvic adhesions following cystotomy in dogs. Eight dogs were divided into two equal groups; control (A) and treatment (B). A routine cystotomy was experimentally produced in all dogs by conventional mid-ventral laparotomy. The cystotomy wound was closed in both groups by a single layer continuous Cushing pattern. In the treatment group, the closed cystotomy site was sprayed by Spray GelTM, while in the control one, the wound was irrigated with physiologic saline solution. Two dogs from both groups were subsequently euthanized at 14th and 28th days post operatively and were examined for gross intraperitoneal adhesions formation. Macroscopically, a vast difference was detected in the level of adhesion formation between the two groups and statistically the scores for the adhesions was significantly different (P<0.05) only at the 14th post-cystotomy day. This concludes that Spray GelTM acts as an effective barrier against and actively reduced adhesions formation following cystotomy.