In Vitro Capacitation of Ram Spermatozoa


Epididymus were collected from Al-Ramadi Slaughter house during the periods from September 2002 to march 2003. The samples were transported to the Laboratory with normal saline at a temp of 33-35c within 30 minutes. Semen were collected from the tail of epididymus by aspiration with 18 gauge needle on 3ml disposable suring containing 1-2 ml TALP media. The collected media together with spermatozoa were put in a Petri dish and incubated in Co2 incubator at 35 c, 90% Humidity for 4-6 h. Spermatozoa evaluated for their maturation (The distal Protoplasmic droplet). Matured Spermatozoa were washed with buffer Solution. Three times with Centrifugation. Then 0.5 ml of spermatozoa pluse 9.5 ml of TALP media with 10 mg/ml heparin, Centrifuged, and then 0.5 ml from the bottom spermatozoa incubated in Co2 incubator at 35c with 45 angle. Head to Head agglutination of Spermatozoa was considered the Criteriia of sperm Capacitation. The results showed that the procedures give a best result for sperm maturation and capacitation in vitro. It was concluded that a possibility of sperm maturation and capacition taken from cauda epididymus of ram from slaughter house sources.