Chief complaints of patients attending college of Dentistry at Mosul University


Aims: To investigate the characteristic of patients attending College of Dentistry at Mosul University,the chief complaint which make them seeking dental treatment, and the final diagnosis of theirproblems .Materials and Methods: 760 patients attended to oral diagnosis were examined .Thepatients age ,sex & marital state were recorded & the reason for seeking dental treatment. Results: Theresearch revealed that a total of 760 patients presented to the oral diagnosis clinic in a period of aboutone year. Of them 41.18% were males and the remaining 58.82% were females. The single patientpercentage was 55.26%, while percentage of married patients was 44.74%. The predominant age was 20–29 years age group (28.81%). The most common chief complaint was pain (34.73%). The less common complaints were: check up, esthetic, and tooth replacement with percentages of 27.5%, 18.55%, and 6.05% respectively. It was found that the frequency of esthetic and check up were higher in the youngest age groups than in the older age groups. The percentage of esthetic complaint was more in female, while pain and check up were higher in male patients. Pain complaint was higher in married patients, while check up was more frequent in single patients. Esthetic complaint was equal in both groups. Conclusions: It was found that the most common diagnosis was dental caries (31.97%) this followed by pulpitis (21.05%) and periapical lesion (14.07%).