Novel Corrosion Inhibition for Carbon Steel Alloy: Synthesis and Characterization


The inhibitor effect of Tri-ethoxysilyl-di-ethylphosphate (TEOSDEOP) on the corrosion resistance of carbon steel alloy A36 in distilled water, tap water, sea water and 1 M hydrochloric acid were investigated by weight loss and electrochemical methods. The results suggest that TEOSDEOP inhibition efficiencies provides 99.19% for 10 ppm, 98.35% for 20 ppm in distilled, tap and seawater, respectively. While 97.65% for 30 and 40ppm in acid media. The corrosion potential in open circuit and electrochemical at low inhibitor concentrations were shifted towards positive direction (i.e. cathodic protection). On the other hand at high inhibitor concentrations, the potentials were shifted towards negative direction (i.e. anodic protection). Also, the electrochemical impedance results indicated that the inhibition efficiency increased with increasing the inhibitor concentrations. The graphical SEM images of coupons immersed 3hs in 1MHCl were investigated.