Evaluation of macrohardness of recast-ed Cobalt–chromium alloy


Aims: To study the effect of recasting on the macrohardness of cobalt chromium (Co–Cr)alloy, and to evaluate the effect of finishing and polishing on it. Materials and methods: Two brand of Co–Cr alloys were used, divided into three groups, the specimens of the first group were casted from new materials, the second were casted from previously casted material without the addition of any new material (100% recast), the third were casted by combination 50% new material and 50% used material. Half of the specimens just finished and the other half were finished and polished , hardness for all of them were measured. Results: Showed that recasting, both 100% and 50%, significantly increase the macrohardness of Co–Cr alloys and no significant effect of finishing and polishing on it. Conclusion: Recasting may affect properties of Co–Cr alloy and new material should be used rather than recasted material.