Study the Immunological Activity of Complement in the Sera of Healthy Subjects During Fasting


Blood samples were collected from 24 healthy donors , 15 males and 9 females ranging in age from 23-45 years. Three blood samples were obtained from each subject, before fasting, 15 days and 29 days after fasting. Serum potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and complement C3, C4 and quantity of serum causing hemolysis for 50% of RBCs (CH50) were calculated.The results showed a significant increase in the level of Potassium 15 days after fasting while no difference were recorded in its level after 29 days after fasting, and the results showed a significant decrease in serum Calcium level after 15 days, while no significant difference occurs after 29 days compared with its level before and after 15 days of fasting. The results showed a significant increase in the level of complement component C4 after 29 days of fasting while no significant difference were recorded in the level C3 complement component during the three experimental stages, the results also recorded a significant decrease in the amount of serum which causes hemolysis for 50% of SRBC after 29 days of fasting, and the results also showed an inverse correlation between the amount of serum causing hemolysis for 50% of SRBC and serum Magnesium level and complement C4 level, and an inverse correlation between C3 complement component and Calcium level while proportional correlation with Potassium serum level , and an inverse correlation with serum Potassium level.