The occupational hazards and diseases among dentists in Mosul City: Musculo– skeletal pain, eye problem and hepatitis


Aims: To evaluate the distribution of the health hazards and diseases among dentists in Mosul Cityaccording to age, sex and number of working hours per week. It also stated the usage of personalprotective measures among dentists. Materials and Methods: The study of population consisted ofone hundred and thirty dentists. The target population comprised dentists who worked in Mosul City.The study was conducted within form of questionnaire. Dentists were asked whether they suffered anyoccupational disease related to a musculo–skeletal pain and its location whether in the back, upperlimbs or lower limbs. Also location of back pain as in the neck, shoulder, thoracic, lumber and sacralregions. Additionally, dentists were asked about eye problem, infectious diseases and if they arewearing medical gloves and masks. Results: The musculo–skeletal pain was the most frequent complaint of the total dentists (63.08%). Back–pain was the most prevalent of the musculo–skeletal disorders among dentists (81.54%) of the total sample and more frequently in the cervical area; i.e., neck and shoulder (66.15%). There was a significant difference between the prevalence of differentmusculo–skeletal pain and the weekly working hours among dentists (p = 0.01). There was asignificant difference between dentists with and without eye problems (p = 0.033). Higher prevalenceof dentists from the total sample did not complain of infectious diseases (82.31%). Dentists whomnever wearing gloves and masks comprised the higher percentages of the total sample (46.15% and 19.23%, respectively). Conclusions: Carrying out their professional work, dentists are exposed to a number of occupational hazards. The study revealed that musculo–skeletal pain was the frequent complaint of dentists and more frequently in the cervical area (neck and shoulders) with a significant association between the number of working hours per week and musculo–skeletal pain in all locations (back, upper limb, lower limb). The majority of the examined dentists complain of eye problem during their practice, whereas most of them never complain any infectious disease. No significant association between dentists wearing gloves but significant association between those wearing masks with the age.