Assessment of oral cleanliness and gingival condition among intermediate Thamarian school students


Aims: To evaluate the oral cleanliness and gingival health among intermediate school students and tofind if there was any variation between age and sex groups in Thamar–Yemen. Material andMethods: A sample of 596 students aged 13–15 years old (308 males, 288 females) were examinedusing plaque index score by Silness and Löe (1964) and gingival index by Löe and Silness (1963). Theclinical examinations were carried out in the school using plane mouth mirrors, WHO periodontalprobes to detect the dental plaque and gingival health. Results: The mean plaque score for the totalsample was 0.90. The plaque index was increasing with age, females reported less mean plaque scoresthan males with statistically significant difference between them. The mean gingival score was 0.52 forthe total sample and it was increasing with age with statistical significant difference. Females alsoreported less gingival scores than males with statistical significant difference between them. The study revealed that 45.1 % of the total sample did not brush their teeth. Conclusion: Gingival and periodontal diseases are indirectly related to the exposure of bacterial plaque for long time which calls for integrated, coordinated planning of preventive and treatment services as an urgent priority.