Genetic parameters for some physiological characters in cultivars crosses of tobacco


Full diallel crosses coducted to develop tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L) hybrids using three cultivars; Corjo (A), Sumer48 (B) and Croillo (C), during 2004, at the field of Field Crops Dept., Coll. Of Agric. Univ. of Baghdad. Hybrid trail carried out at the open field and green house using Randomized Complete Block Desighn with 3 parents , 6 hybrids and 2 control, Habana and CV. 48.Significant differences were found between open field and green house plants in all the studied characters.The hybrid (BxC) was earlier in 50% flowering, which not differed from (CxB) in green house. The crosses (AxB) and (BxC) superior in plant height, while did not differed significantly from the crosses (CxB). The higher number of leaves/plant produced in the hybrid plants (CxB). Several crosses revealed positive and negative heterosis in the studied traits. Genetic analysis revealed that, number of days to 50% flowering, plant height and number of leaves/plant were under non additive gene action.The results revealed that the plant characters in the green house, better than in the open field. It was recommended the reciprocal cross (CxB), which superior in plant height and number of leaves/plants.