Adaption for the Wind Energy by using the Solar Nozzle


A new method has been proposed for conversion the wind energy into a kinetic energy using the hybrid effect of nozzle and solar energy. As the air flows through the horizontal nozzle it accelerates because of the narrowing constriction. Heat energy acquired from the wall is converted into the kinetic energy of flow. Critical dimensions are calculated for the convergent nozzle that made of steel. This study focuses up on the benefits of using solar nozzle on the wind energy. The study is an attempt to raise the local wind velocity (3 m/sec) to a high velocity gives good energy allowed the wind plant to generate power, on other words in order to increase the efficiency of the plant. From the obtained results, it is observed that the velocity of wind increased by the increment of heat gain and decrement of the area. The velocity value in the case of heat added is reached to (50 m/sec), while in the case of no heat transferred is about (48 m/sec). Calculation indicates that maximum heat gained could give (57 KW) output power.