Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Basaltic Rocks In AL-RASTAN & JARJANAZ Region (Center and North-Western Syria)


The aim of the present study is to search the origin of basaltic rocks in AL-RASTAN and JARJANAZ region by the study of its petrographical diversity and chemical composition. Polarized microscope, and X.R.F were applied. Our data reveal the distribution of three petrographic kinds of basaltic rocks, such as alkaline (olivine, augetic olivine and plagioclase olivine) basalt – Phenocryst persantage is > 5% (for ol., px., and Pl.). Rocks show a strict similarity in their chemical composition despite of the local and petrographic variety. These rocks belong to the sodium -potassic kind of alkaline basaltic rocks, with magnesium (Mg) percentage varies from 15-39% in AL-RASTAN and 10-45%, in JARJANAZ respectively with Fe-Mg lava development. The absence of volcanic cones indicates the continuity of basaltic plateau in E, N E directions of Perchin-Chin, with the possibility of local volcanism.