Distributed Generation Embedded In the Iraqi Power Grid


Recently, there has been great interest in the integration of distributedgeneration units at the distribution level. This requires new analysis tools forunderstanding system performance. Installing Distribution Generation (DG) inthe distribution level has positive impacts on the system voltage profile as well onthe substation’ s capacity. However the extent of such benefits depends greatly ofthe DG size and location.In this work, investigation of adding diesel units regarded as distributedgenerators at the distribution voltage levels were done. These investigations dealtwith the impact of the units addition on the Iraqi grid power flow and short circuitlevels . This work is done by using PSS/E program (Power System Simulation forEngineering), A sample from substations (with fuel and space availability ) of theBaghdad area were considered for the diesel units addition, in order to findrecommendations for the voltage level to connect these units to it.The extension in mind was to develop a quick rule of thumb in order to decidewhere to add the DG units. This of course with no regard to the unit size as it islimited by the Short Circuit Level (SCL) and economic considerations. IEEEstandardsystems were considered here with the development of Matlab routinesfor the simulation and calculations required.A novel quick criterion as where to add the distributed generation to minimizeloss was proved. This state’s “add the units at the lowest short circuit level bus,i.e., at the bus of highest Thevenin impedance”.