An Adaptive Fuzzy Inference System for 3-Phase Synchronous Generator Excitation Control


This paper proposes the excitation system control of three phasesynchronous generator for improving the step response using an adaptive fuzzycontroller. The dynamic model and simulation of 3-phase synchronous generatorare proposed. The open loop voltage control responses under no-load and full-loadconditions are proposed too. The PI closed loop controller of excitation system isillustrated as a conventional control method, which gives an acceptable operationbehavior of synchronous generator terminal voltage. An adaptive fuzzy inferencesystem is proposed in this paper as a close loop controller, which gives an idealperformance in both of no-load and full-load conditions as compared with PIcontroller to control the 3-phase synchronous generator excitation system.Simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed fuzzy controller schem.eWhich gives in fuzzy controller; rise time= 0.3 sec., overshot= 0%, settling time=0.3 sec., and steady state error= 0%. Whereas, in PI controller; rise time= 0.55sec., overshot= 20%, settling time= 2.8 sec., and steady state error= 0%.