Estimation of Wasted Thermal Energy from Gas Turbine Units in Mosul Power Station


The present study involve a thermal analysis of a gas turbine unit like those which are used in Mosul gas turbine power station in order to estimate the amount of thermal energy is wasted in the exhaust gases. A computer program is developed to investigate the effect of ambient temperature on the performance of the gas turbine unit including the mass flow of air, power output, thermal efficiency, specific fuel consumption, exhaust gas temperature and the amount of wasted thermal energy (Qexh). Results indicate that mass flow of air decreases as the ambient temperature increase; this eventually affected the power out, thermal efficiency and specific fuel consumption. Results show that the power output decrease by 28.5% when the temperature increased from 15 ºC to 45 ºC. However, the temperature of exhaust gases increased by nearly 0.04% as the temperature approach 45 ºC and the thermal energy expelled with exhaust decreased nearly by 0.12%. It also found that the wasted thermal energy nearly twice the produced power output of gas turbine.