Real Time Implementation of PID and Fuzzy PD Controllers for DC-Servo Motor Based on Lab View Environment


This paper presents an implementation of conventional PID (CPID) controller using Ziegler-Nichols rules and fuzzy PD (FPD) controller for position servo motor control based on Lab View (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench Environment) through Data Acquisition (DAQ) Device PCI- 6521 of National Instrument's and Data Acquisition Accessory Board Model (CB-68LP).CPID controller is perhaps the most well-known and most widely used in industrial applications. However, it has been known that CPID controller generally don’t work well for non-linear systems, higher order and time-delayed linear system and particularly complex and vague system. To overcome these difficulties, this paper proposes to use the FPD controller for a servo motor system instead of CPID. The parameters of servo motor used are completely unknown. The FPD structure has two-input single-output and fairly similar characteristic to its conventional counterpart and provides good performance. Simple rules base are used for FPD (nine rules only). Performance evaluation was carried out via a comparison study for the proposed control scheme and other existing control scheme, such as CPID controller. The critical point for this experiment on position system is a steady state error and settling time. The performance showing that the FPD has less settling time and zero steady state error over its CPID. The algorithms of FPD and CPID controllers are implemented using PID, Fuzzy Logic and simulation toolkits of the Lab View environment.