Radon concentration in a specified location in Baghdad city


Radon concentration was evaluated with ionization chamber radon monitor(Alpha-Guard PQ2000 , Genitron Instruments GmbH , Frankfurt ,Germany) in soil, water, ground water, indoor air and its concentration in the atmospheric air had been studied in a specified location in Baghdad city. The average radon levels in soil(1401.549 Bq/m3 ) , water(17.27 Bq/m3 ) , ground water(15.26 Bq/m3), indoor air(16.64 Bq/m3 )and outdoor air(16.91 Bq/m3), a result shows that the average radon levels are acceptable. Also, the concentration of radon in the soil-gas and air at different depths at Abudsheer station in Baghdad city was studied, the study showed that radon concentration in soil-gas and air increased with depth at our range of measurements.