remote sensing ,GIS techniques ,survey ,studying land, cover, changes ,Kirkuk governorate


The objective of the study is for using remote sensing and GIS techniques for monitoring the changing of landuse and vegetation therefore we studied the change of landcover types during the years (1987-2007) in selected areas arrive at 273700ha for Kirkuk governorates from Iraq .Image of Landsat taken by (Thematic Mapper) TM for year 1987 and ETM+ for year (2007) were used . image classification are done for allocation land cover types by using ER-Mapper V 6.4 program. The results indicated that there are six abundant classes of landcover including soils 1&2,vegetations1&2,urban and water .Also clear changing of land cover areas observed during the year (1987 to 2007 )including reduction of soil2 and water areas in( 2007) by 12%and 0.01% respectively ,but vegetation1&2 , urban and soil1 were increased about 3.5 %, 0.19%, 1,0% and 7.31% respectively.