Using Remote Sensing & Gis Tichenck to Study Soil Chemical Properties for Hour Al-Hammar (South Of Iraq)


This work includes the digital image processing (image enhancement andthe digital classification techniques) using ERDAS, ver.,8.7, package for Landsat 7 (ETM+), 3-visible bands with resolution (14.25m), acquired in March 2004 . The field investigation includes GPS device (Global Position System) to determine the coordinates of soil sample location , which coincides with the reports of the laboratory tests (chemical tests), which include organic matter, total dissolved solid, sulphate, and electrical conductivity, due to the effectiveness ofthese chemical properties on the spectral response of soil, and spectralmeasurements by using radiometer instrument. The main results of this study, by using GIS techniques depends on remote sensing data, using ArcView software ver.3.3, a geographical database and information about layers of soil of the overall studied area have been registered andconstructed digitally to represent the geotechnical soil haracteristics in associated files, and produce digital soil map. It is considered the preferable technique to represent the ground truth regarding the characteristics of soil, in comparison with the traditional method, because they are easy to produce, use, store and update, in addition they save in efforts, time and cost.