Alkylation by Enamines for Synthesis of some Heterocyclic Compounds


Compounds of 4-phenyl-3-butene-2-one (1) and 4-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-butene-2-one (2) were prepared by reaction of benzaldehyde or 4-chlorobenzaldehyde with acetone. Also 1,3-diphenyl-2-chloropropene-1-one (3) was synthesized from the reaction of benzaldehyde with 2-chloroacetophenone through Claisen-Shmidt condensation. The substituted Δ1(9)-octalone-2 (4,5) was prepared by reaction of the compounds (1and2) with cyclohexanone through Michael addition followed by aldol condensation. Compounds (4,5) were reacted with alkyl halide, as 2-chloroacetophenone or 1,3-diphenyl-2-chloropropene-1-one (3), via enamines formation which then hydrolyzed to give compounds (6-9). Compounds (6,7) were reacted with hydrazine , urea and thiourea to afford compounds (10-15) .The structures of all synthesized compounds were confirmed by available physical and spectral means .