Response of two varieties of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolar L) to the sowing distance and regions.


A field experiment was performed during summer season of 2000 years in the stations of Akad and Algarma regions , to study the effect of Engath and Kaffer (2) and the distance between lines was( 30 , 50 , 70 ) cm on growth , yield , and its components . The experiment was carried out by using factorial experiment according to randomized complete block design with three replications . The results indicate that using Kaffer (2) variety significantly increases the growth properties like wet green yields , number of grain in head , and grains yield , as well as the varieties can not diffir in weight of 1000 grain . The 30 cm distant gave a significant increase in height of plant , and wet weight . The 7o cm distant gave a significant increase in number of days to 50%flowors and number of grains/head. Weight of 1000 grain , and yield of grain .The Akad region was the more efficient than the Algarma region in all parameters studied . The interactions between varieties, distance , and regions indicate a significants difference in all parameters .