Effect of Addition Of Copper and Copper –Nickel Elements on Structure and Properties of Low Carbon Steels


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of adding different amounts(2, 4, 6% of Cu) on properties and microstructure of low carbon steel .Also studythe effect of the same amounts of Cu with half amount of Ni(1,2,3%Ni) are addedon properties of low carbon steels. All these alloys(Fe-Cu,Fe-Cu-Ni) appear anincrease of hardness and strength with increase of the amount of Cu or Cu-Ni. Themicrostructure obtained after heat treated(quenched and aging) of Fe-Cu and Fe-Cu-Ni alloys has been studied by optical microscopy, investigated by X-raydiffraction and hardness measurement. The microstructures obtained afterquenching depending on composition and cooling rate, the massive ferrite andmassive martensite appears on most of structures in above alloys. Themicrostructure after aging of above alloys shown some of precipitates appear asdash plates, rod and spheres in ferrite or martensite structure and this precipitatesappear as X-ray diffraction were identified the copper rich phase €.