New Contribution to the Geology of Mosul Area from Geoelectric Investigations


In the present geoelectric investigations, the Mosul depression, which lies between the structures of Fadhliya, Bashiqa and Ain Safra in the northeast and Allan and Atshan in the southwest, has been carefully investigated. The Investigation envolved eighty eight depth electric sounding measurements using collinear symmetrical Schlumberger electrode arrangement with maximum C1C2 distance of 1500m.These measurements were distributed over an approximately regular grid covering an area of about 1000 Continuous correlation of the layer models with the lithological logs of numerous wells in the area are made.Detailed analyses of the geoelectrical data and their accurate interpretations showed the existence of a number of folded structures that were unknown previously. Various other, previously suggested structures were affirmed. A number of strike-slip faults were delineated, with oblique slip movement, which is not known previously. A number of block faults (Zagroside and Tauroside blocks) have also been recognized. Therefore, the Mosul depression is a graben created by system of block reverse faulting.