Designing robust Mixed H /H PID Controllers based Intelligent Genetic Algorithm


It's not easy to implement the mixed /optimal controller for high order system, since in theconventional mixed / optimal feedback theorder of the controller is much than that of the plant.This difficulty had been solved by using the structuredspecified PID controller. The merit of PID controllerscomes from its simple structure, and can meets theindustry processes. Also it have some kind ofrobustness. Even that it's hard to PID to cope thecomplex control problems such as the uncertainty andthe disturbance effects. The present ideas suggestscombining some of model control theories with thePID controller to achieve the complicated controlproblems. One of these ideas is presented in this paperby tuning the PID parameters to achieve the mixed/ optimal performance by using IntelligentGenetic Algorithm (IGA). A simple modification isadded to IGA in this paper to speed up theoptimization search process. Two MIMO example areused during investigation in this paper. Each one ofthem has different control problem