The Spatial Analysis of the Population Growth in the Centre of Al-Kufa District for the Period (1977-1997) and its Future Expectation till 2017


ABSTRACTThe phenomenon of population growth of population phenomena, which rank high among the branches of the population which is a geographical indicator directly on the increase and decrease in the population at the same sources, the main population growth is births, which represents the increase in population, while the mortality paradoxical situation in the preparation of the population and the third element of Immigration movement, which represents workers increases and decreases at the same time. We have focused our research that this matter for the issue of direct importance to the population and the urban planning and construction of any city were singled out to examine the status of our juvenile Kufa study of the small population of this urban centre. And address search Investigation included the first three geographical definition of the status of juvenile Kufa, containing the geographical location of the study area and physical characteristics of the surface manifestations, soil and climate because of the impact on the population distribution and settlement of the criticism has dealt with the second set of the historical city of Kufa and the evolution of its population as well as the concept of population growth and spatial variation of the growth population and the relative distribution to them during a period of study and Bashron year since 1977 1997 2017 volume and expectancy for urban and rural populations in the centre of Kufa Elimination of the same